School Assignment / Branding
Striving to provide the finest organic and whole grain ingredients within our recipes and to insure the highest standards of quality, service, and respect towards our customers and the environment in which we live.
Serving those we love while improving the community and environment we live in.
*Acting with awareness of the environment
*Helping to preserve the Sonoran Desert
*Promoting good health and well being
*Preparing wholesome and organic foods
*Providing diligent, respectful, and friendly service
*Supporting our community
Sonoran Coffee and Baked Goods’ primary logo is a simple combination mark. The font is called Perpetua Titling MT and the first letter “O” in “Sonoran” becomes a flower, making it the visual icon for the company. The flower is based off the Orange and Green Gazania, which can be found in the Arizona Sonoran Desert. The text is green to represent the greenery from which the flower grows. The flower is located inside the text to visually demonstrate how protecting the Sonoran Desert is a major goal within the core of the company.
Sonoran Coffee and Baked Goods possess one alternate icon, which can be used instead of the primary logo. It is to be noted that the alternate icon and primary logo should never be used directly together in the same design. The alternate icon is the flower visual within the primary logo.
The colors used to create the Sonoran Coffee and Baked Goods’ logo represent the colors found in the Sonoran Desert. Red-orange illustrates the vibrant color of the Orange and Green Gazania flower, which grows in the Sonoran Desert. Green depicts the outdoor greenery of plants and cacti while yellow highlights the extensive amounts of sunshine received all year.
The color scheme for the Sonoran Coffee and Baked Goods’ logo is minimal and will mainly be used against black, white, and neutral backgrounds with green, black, or white as the text color.
Sonoran Coffee and Baked Goods believes in helping to preserve the environment, which means that all of our products and paper goods will be from recycled materials.
Sonoran Coffee and Baked Goods also has an e-commerce page where the customer can purchase a variety of items such as coffee mugs, clothing, gifts, to-go bakery, and coffee grains. To see more compositions please contact me directly so I can send you a full pdf.
This landing page informs people that for every drink they purchase Sonoran Coffee & Baked Goods will donate $1 to the Sonoran Desert Preserve. Sonoran Coffee & Baked Goods cares about its people and the environment.
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