This informational kiosk application is located in Yosemite National Park’s Visitor Center. The purpose of the application is to provide a learning location where tourists can discover activities, beautiful sights, and lodging options in Yosemite.
On the home screen there are 2 sections to choose from: “Activities” or “Environment.” In the “Activities” section you can find a list of outdoor sports and places to visit. In the “Environment” section you can learn all about the terrain, plants, water, and animals that live in the national park. Each of these categories discusses the history and current status of the topic.
A key feature within the kiosk application is that the directions, maps, and informational pages can be printed out or sent directly to your phone. This is convenient for hikers who are looking for specific trails or even fishermen who would like to know where the nearest lake is. Having an instructional and informational kiosk provides tourists with the opportunity to learn about the environment they are in and the fun activities.
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