In my work department we were tasked to create a spec beverage project for Grand Canyon Beverage Company. My team and I created the drink Citrea, which is a nutritious hibiscus and açaí lemonade, created to help students make healthier choices. According to GCBC’s online menu, only 12/58 drinks are caffeine free and none are advertised as being “healthy” drinks. The goal of our project was to expand the variety of the menu and help grow GCBC’s consumer base by appealing to students who want to make health-conscious choices about what they drink. We decided to make it a limited edition spring themed hibiscus and acai lemonade drink. 10 mock bottles and 16 stickers with the flower icon were produced for the final presentation.
The name of the drink comes from the Latin adjective citreus, -a, -um meaning “with citrus.”  Within the word mark logo, a hibiscus flower is embedded into the last two letters, “e” and “a.” The secondary logo is a circle with the hibiscus flower. Fun fact: the leaf and hibiscus flower are visual representations of macrons that are in the latin spelling of the word.
Why a spring theme?
-Currently spring
-Limited edition drink
-GCBC has Monsoon season drinks

The purpose of spring?
-Positive appearance
-You think of the words: new year, renewal, health, spring cleaning, detoxification

Why hibiscus and Acai?
We wanted our drink to incorporate both the flowers of spring time and the nutritional health benefits of fruits. Acai berries and the hibiscus flower provides nutrition while lemons support detoxification. Fun fact: lemons, the hibiscus flower, and acai berries can be harvested year round.
Why lemonade?
GCBC is currently catering towards students who like highly caffeinated beverages; however, it falls short of providing healthy alternatives for students who are conscious of their caffeine intake. 

This digital advertisement landing page is intended to encourage students to visit their local GCBC vendor and purchase the new healthy beverage, Citrea. The landing page will take you directly to their website.
Citrea is looking to gain personally invested customers by marketing through various social media platforms such as Instagram.
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